How Does God Want to Use You?


God wants us to be involved with His work. He is so gracious, that by His Holy Spirit He freely distributes spiritual gifts to all who live in relationship with Him. He not only wants us to know our spiritual gifts, but He expects us to grow in them each day.

We want to help you unwrap your Spiritual Gifts so that you can experience the joy that comes with using them; whether you're at home, at church, or out in the community.


You'll begin by entering your name and e-mail address below. For the best results, answer each statement according to who you are, not who you would like to be or think you ought to be. How true are these statements of you? What has been your experience? What do others tell you? To what degree do these statements reflect your usual tendencies? Each question is very important, so try not to miss out on any. Your score is calculated at the end of the test, and you will receive an email containing your results right away. When you're done, you'll have the option to print your results, e-mail them to someone else, or share them on Facebook or Twitter.