Christmas Day Home Worship

Order of Worship: Intro | Music | Teaching | Prayer | Application


Prayer is a meaningful time of worship where we talk to God. Consider your posture and your content below, then try it.


Consider how the outward posture of our bodies conveys the inward posture of our hearts. Try these! You can do one, two, or all three.

  • Bowed Head/Closed Eyes. Bowing our heads and closing our eyes blocks out all the distractions. It helps us concentrate on God’s presence with us.
  • Raised Hands. Raising our hands represents raising our prayers to God. It may feel awkward or tiring, but it is very powerful.
  • Kneeling. Kneeling is a posture of submission, acknowledging God really is with us, right in front of us.


Prayers don’t need to be long-winded, complicated, or perfect. Instead, try being sincere. Here is a basic outline:

  • Give Thanks (List things you are grateful for)
  • Ask for Help (Invite God to take control of any situation-- for you or others)
  • God Stories (remember times when He was with you and He helped)
  • Share Him (ask for opportunities to share Him and His presence with others.)

Here is an example prayer:

Dear God, today I thank you for _______________,_____________,_____________. This Christmas, I am so very grateful for these gifts you have given me.

Please God, I am struggling with ____________________ right now and ask for your help and your control in this. Please, help me know you are with me in this struggle.

Mighty God, I remember how you _______________________. In that moment, you were with me. I remember and I praise you that you would do that for me. Despite my struggles, this Christmas I remember that you are always with me, working for my good.

As you are with me God, help me look beyond myself to others. Give me opportunities to share your presence with __ [names] __________________ because they need to know the Christmas message that you are with them, too.


*Group Setting

If you are in a group or with family, the posture and content can be done together. You might hold hands instead of lifting hands, reminding you that just as God is with us so we are with one another. Try praying in a circle around the Christmas tree or at the dinner table. For content, make sure each person can pray. Try taking turns by going in a circle or going from youngest to oldest,

**Lord’s Prayer

Try ending with the Lord’s Prayer.