Christmas Day Home Worship


Order of Worship: Intro | Music | Teaching | Prayer | Application

Merry Christmas!

Welcome to Christmas Day Home Worship

Today, all over the world, followers of Jesus are worshiping as we celebrate His entry into this world to be with us. Because of Christmas, we continue to remember and celebrate that He is with us to this very day.

So, gather those around you, find a place to worship, and dive in. What you hold in your hands is your very own Christmas worship experience to be shared and enjoyed. It is our intent to guide you, and anyone you are with, into meaningful worship as we remember and celebrate that God is with us!

Come to Worship and explore these four elements:


Don’t be afraid to sing. God loves to hear our voices, on-pitch or not! Bolster your confidence...sing along with our CD recording, look it up on, or try it a capella. These classic Christmas hymns lead us in remembering and celebrating.


Pastor Bob has prepared a special Christmas message for you for today. You can watch it online here, listen to the CD in the car, or access it all through Christ Church’s The Link mobile app.

Get the app for iPhone & Android:


Finish the experience in prayer as we thank God for Christmas and for Christ.


Put the teaching into practice by applying it. Explore the questions, try the activities, and keep up the worshipful spirit.

Alright. You’re ready. Welcome to worship! (Estimated time 20-30 minutes)